Two Turns from Zero PDF

Two Turns from Zero

Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals--Converting Them to Life Strength

Author: Stacey Griffith
Publisher: William Morrow, Release date: Mar 07, 2017


Two Turns from Zero: Pushing to Higher Fitness Goals--Converting Them to Life Strength

"The journey Stacey Griffith charts in Two Turns From Zero is both inspiring and instructional. Her book is action-oriented and wise beyond measure. It is full of engaging spirit and the true power of love and movement."—Deepak Chopra

Expert motivator, a fitness virtuoso and a self-empowerment guru Stacey Griffith, SoulCycle Senior Master Instructor, shows you how to take your health and fitness to new levels while using that same energy to boost your emotional and spiritual wellbeing in all aspects of your life.

In Two Turns From Zero, Stacey Griffith, one of the iconic faces of the wildly popular SoulCycle, has helped thousands reshape their bodies, while also becoming their best selves—physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stacey firmly believes that every one of us can be an athlete. Focusing on four key concepts—Eat, Love, Train, and Repeat—this is her life handbook that provides a blueprint for feeling healthy, happy, and empowered. Stacey offers conditioning advice, nutrition counseling, visualizations for achieving your goals, and moving meditations for staying centered. Most important, she shows you how to locate your greatest sense of purpose that will take you to the highest levels of performance—and sustain you to weather life’s inevitable challenges.

Two Turns from Zero is also Stacey's personal story—a chronicle of endurance that is as motivating as her workout routine. At one time, Stacey was directionless and, by her own account, an overall unsuccessful human being. But she finally realized she wanted more from life—she needed to find meaning. Giving up alcohol, drugs, and partying, she dedicated her life to fitness—a journey of discovery she uses in her book to motivate others to make the most of their own lives.

This gifted instructor is beloved for her ability to inspire and push her students to achieve their ultimate center. In Two Turns from Zero, she shows how we can all achieve our personal peak.

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