Why Be Blue? Sunshine Becomes You PDF

Author: Doris Baker
Publisher: Doris Baker, Release date: Dec 24, 2013


Why Be Blue? Sunshine Becomes You

Need a View of Blue Sky and Sunshine?

This little book is a perfect present to cheer up you or a friend. Fun, spiritual (but not religious) images are paired with simple and powerful ideas like “thought can both poison and restore.”

Why Be Blue? Sunshine Becomes You features vibrant visuals of long-time meditator and folk artist Gloria Meer who says: “I paint what I paint because this world needs cheering up!”

Taking a stroll through any of her ebooks is sure to make you happy. You’ll feel like you’ve gone on a mini-vacation at the beach and into your heart.

So let sunshine become you. Scroll to the top of the page and select the buy button to feel those warm summer breezes swaying in the palm trees and on your face.

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