Alphabet & Feelings PDF

Alphabet & Feelings

Kabbalah &Tarot

Author: Doris Baker
Publisher: , Release date: Nov 16, 2014


Alphabet & Feelings: Kabbalah &Tarot

Use this innovative little ebook like a tarot deck and to learn more about the Hebrew alphabet. These 22 Hebrew letters are the foundation for the Major Arcana and can be used to reflect on one’s thoughts, speech and actions.

How to Use This Alphabet as Simplified Tarot
Focus on some aspect of your life, then tap or click a hot-linked question mark at the beginning of the book to go to a random page. Consider how the image and concept might help you see yourself and your life in new ways, how your random selection might point you in a direction that shines light on whatever you’ve chosen to ponder. The following page offers a poem and image that goes with the Hebrew letter you've chosen.

Some concepts inside include:
  • being dependable and self giving

  • remembering to love yourself and that you are loved

  • working to make your relationships easier

  • thinking about what you create

  • being a change agent

  • serving others

  • offering your heartfelt connection

Thank you for trying out my creations. For an easy and memorable way to get familiar with the entire alef bet, letters and vowels, take a look at my Storybook Hebrew ebook series on Amazon with children’s coloring books at

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