Wandering Among the Stars PDF

Wandering Among the Stars

A Poetic Story with Prose Poems & Inspirational Quotes (English Poetry Anthology - Poetry Collection & Poet Biography)

Author: Wirton Arvel
Publisher: Kentauron, Release date: Jun 11, 2015


Wandering Among the Stars: A Poetic Story with Prose Poems & Inspirational Quotes

'A collection of words, written in verse and in prose, for aspiring poets and active dreamers'

This book tells about the motivational journey of a poet among his walking words, a tale written in prose with many poems and inspirational quotes.

‘Wandering among the stars’ tells about the love story between the protagonist and life too.
A story where poetry and prose are intertwined like soul and body, to bring this love story to life so the reader can live it.

So it’s not about a collection of poems, least of all a story in verse. Maybe it could be described as a book of ‘narrated poems’ or as a ‘literary musical'; actually it represents a narrative experiment that lies somewhere between a meta-novel, a collection of poems and an essay; its main aim is to encourage those readers that usually prefer to read only prose works to read poetry as well. (Do you want to try?)

As a poetry anthology it includes chapters about love, the cosmos, death, spirituality and poetry itself.

Italian edition of this book has been a hit and has remained for more than twelve consecutive months among the bestsellers of its category in the Italian Kindle Store. ( http://smarturl.it/stelle )

‘Wonderful book! Wirton Arvel is the new Gibran' ―Mark J.
‘Poetry is the sound track of our soul; this book tells why' ―Josh Russell
‘It's like a never ending story singing the song of universe to our soul' ―Liz Baum
‘Very inspirational biography, for all 'active dreamers' and life lovers' ―Brandon Dyer
‘This book is like nothing I have ever read before' ―David H. Birley
‘Reading the book, you become a part of something bigger than yourself' ―Uvi Poznansky
‘An interesting sensory experience' ―Dennis Waller
‘Simply beautiful. A treasure for anyone who loves poems' ―Ionia Martin
‘A book for lovers of words' ―Scarlett Jensen
‘ 'Impudent stillness' (one of the poems) is a jewel of combination of words and ideas' ―Jean Pailler
‘This book cannot be summarized – that would tarnish its beauty of wholeness' ―Grady Harp

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It's also available in Italian ( http://smarturl.it/stelle ) and in a bilingual parallel texts edition [English-Italian] ( http://smarturl.it/ProsePoetry )

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