The Wicca Herbal PDF

The Wicca Herbal

Recipes, Magick, and Abundance

Author: Jamie Wood
Publisher: Ten Speed Press, Release date: May 26, 2017


The Wicca Herbal: Recipes, Magick, and Abundance

Long ago, people turned to Mother Earth to gather herbs for healing, ritual, eating, and beauty. Today, herbs are experiencing a renaissance as people seek natural solutions to their medicinal, nutritional, and cosmetic needs. Rooted in Wiccan practice—a personal, earth-based spirituality that emphasizes living in harmony with natural cycles—THE WICCA HERBAL details and demystifies 100 magickal herbs, with gardening tips and recipes for cooking, healing, ritual, and other purposes. The book includes such popular herbs as lavender, chamomile, mint, and sage, as well as less common but equally useful herbs such as orris (for creating love spells), milk thistle (for healing and detoxing the body), and dragon’s blood (for increasing the power of spellwork). Author Jamie Wood details the practical points of herbal gardening and usage, and explores the spiritual connection with the earth that can be gained from growing and harvesting herbs and observing nature’s cycles. A culmination of Wiccan expertise, magickal herbalism, aromatherapy, natural medicine, and organic gardening, this beautiful tome is an invaluable resource for Wiccans and herb lovers alike.

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