Clear Home, Clear Heart PDF

Clear Home, Clear Heart

Learn to Clear the Energy of People & Places

Author: Jean Haner
Publisher: Hay House, Inc., Release date: Mar 14, 2017


Clear Home, Clear Heart: Learn to Clear the Energy of People & Places

Have you ever entered a room and it just didn’t feel right, yet you couldn’t explain why? Do you sense a natural comfort with some people but are immediately stressed by others? The truth is that we’re all influenced far more than we realize by the invisible energy of the people and places around us. This, along with difficult experiences in your past that still weigh you down, can keep you from being a creative force in your life.

Clearing is a gentle but powerful way to release the old stress you’re still carrying from your life history, as well as transform how you’re affected by the energy around you each day. Many people experience immediate shifts in their energy during a clearing, and significant change often unfolds in the days and weeks afterward. In fact, clearing has even been described as “accelerated meditation” because it can lead to a sense of calm and happiness that typically results only after years of a mindfulness practice.

In this simple, elegant guide, Jean Haner teaches you, in easy-to-follow steps, how to clear your own energy or that of any person, as well as bring harmony to the energy of the spaces you inhabit, so you can reclaim your vitality and joy, and open up infinite new possibilities in life. Healers, intuitives, energy workers, highly sensitive people, and anyone who just wants to optimize their energy and live their best life will find this to be the perfect training. Jean refines energy clearing to its pure essence—the power of the compassionate heart! 

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