The Cannabible 2 PDF

Author: Jason King
Publisher: Ten Speed Press, Release date: Dec 01, 2003


The Cannabible 2

He'¬?s baaaack! World-renowned pot connoisseur and acclaimed photographer Jason King continues his quest to share yet another outstanding collection of marijuana strains and informative, mouthwatering tasting notes. Never one to call it a day, King has been traveling the globe nonstop since his acclaimed first book was published, to bring us more of the choicest kind-and fans and aficionados alike will not be disappointed! Featuring more than 200 carefully chosen cannabis strains, as well as his signature photomicrography, THE CANNABIBLE 2 is gloriously visual and entertaining and takes the experience of referencing buds and plants to a whole new level. Find out which strain Jason considers to be the "Holy Grail," which buds will give a major jolt to the creativity circuit, and the high that'¬?s most likely to cause a change in your plans for the day. In glorious spreads and sidebars, King also delves into such intriguing subjects as the marijuana-chocolate connection, the tolerance factor, the medical marijuana movement, and much more. A testament to his dedication to documenting the finest marijuana, THE CANNABIBLE 2 is a book you'¬?ll return to again and again. There'¬?s no doubt: The Mothership has landed!
  • The must-have follow-up to Jason King'¬?s best-selling book, THE CANNABIBLE-with new strains, detailed tasting notes, and more of everything that made #1 great.
  • A pioneer in his field, Jason King has developed a unique vocabulary to describe the tastes, aromas, and effects of marijuana.
  • Includes incredible photos of rare and outrageously expensive smoking paraphernalia.

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