A Boy Worth Choosing PDF

Author: s. M. Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Release date: Apr 27, 2017


A Boy Worth Choosing

“You’re worth waiting for, Jessie St. James. So I will wait for you.” Stephen Cahill has waited a very long time to catch Jessie’s attention and now that he has, he has no intentions of letting her go. Jessie just has to decide if she’s willing to give Stephen the chance he’s asked for. And when she does, she’s pleasantly surprised with how well they work…a little too well. Steamy chemistry, fears of timing, doubts planted by well-meaning parents, and a surprise reappearance of a cheating ex all play a key role into whether Jessie and Stephen can have a successful relationship that is centered in Christ. Their happily ever after starts to become a reality as they work together to overcome the obstacles life throws at them. But when Jessie gets unexpected news that could alter the plans they’ve made for their future, she tries to take on the frightening reality all on her own. Just when she needs him the most, Stephen steps up and shows her just how much he’s A Boy Worth Choosing. **This is the second book in the Worthy Series and isn't intended to be a stand alone.**