A Girl Worth Waiting For PDF

Author: S. M. Smith
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Release date: Apr 27, 2017


A Girl Worth Waiting For

Jessie St. James had a plan. She was set to marry her longtime boyfriend, move into their house, get a dog and start building their family. That was until she found him in bed with another woman two weeks before they were supposed to get married. Now determined to start over and move on, Jessie reluctantly re-enters the dating scene, but moving on is hard when the pain of betrayal is still so fresh. Nevertheless, when Caleb Mathis finds her, he's determined to be up for the challenge. Caleb’s world pulls Jessie well outside of her comfort zone though, and when her childhood best friend Stephen Cahill shows her just how important to him she really is, she has a choice to make. Jessie’s plans and God’s plans start to clash and true intentions of the men in her life are revealed. Which makes Jessie wonder, will she ever find someone who thinks she's A Girl Worth Waiting For?