The Rose Stone PDF

The Rose Stone

(A Contemporary Christian Fiction of Addiction, Faith and Love)

Author: Ralph Nelson Willett
Publisher: Northern Ovation Media, Release date: Jan 01, 2017


The Rose Stone:

In this faith based short story, Rosanne struggles with suicidal thoughts, addiction, and unwanted pregnancy. A small stone, a token from her past, reminds her of the love of her family; a love she once walked away from. In a ruined life and far from home, Rosanne reaches out in desperation for the help she needs. Now a God she rejects reaches into her life through that same small stone, guiding her back home, both physically and emotionally.

The Rose Stone invites you into understanding the pain and desperation of a young woman who once had it all but now fights to stay alive. The story takes you in deep as you hear the voices that condemn her, struggle with her as she stumbles and you'll cry with her as she escapes her personal demons. Although it's fiction, this may be a story of someone you know; it may even be you. It's a story of how God can use even the smallest and most common of things to rescue a life. In Rosanne's life, it's all touched by a single stone; The Rose Stone.

This book also contains two chapters of the authors book "The Release: Escape From Torment".  This novel tells the story of a young woman escaping the emotional abuse of her father and then the domestic violence of her boyfriend.  Her escape leads her to heroes and unconditional love.  Although she rejects God, God shows her his mercy in meaningful ways that changes her life forever.

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