The Shack Study Guide PDF

The Shack Study Guide

Healing for Your Journey Through Loss, Trauma, and Pain

Author: Wm. Paul Young Brad Robison
Publisher: Windblown Media, Release date: Nov 22, 2016


The Shack Study Guide: Healing for Your Journey Through Loss, Trauma, and Pain

The study guide companion to the #1 New York Times bestseller and upcoming major motion picture The Shack is a helpful resource to those who seek healing and recovery from life's most painful experiences.
Trauma and loss are unfortunately universal, and finding answers to the question of pain and suffering challenges everyone. THE SHACK STUDY GUIDE includes excerpts from The Shack with questions for reflection and instructions to lead readers through a healing process. The goal, like the theme of The Shack, is to usher readers into the loving presence of the triune God, where together with Him, they will confront their deepest pain and experience a real, lasting healing.

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