William Young's The Shack PDF

William Young's The Shack

Questioning God's Identity

Author: Mark Pertuit
Publisher: , Release date: Mar 24, 2017


William Young's The Shack: Questioning God's Identity

William Young's book The Shack has touched millions of people by giving them a vivid sense of the compassion God has for us in the midst of even the deepest sufferings. But who is the God of The Shack? A careful look proves that, intertwined with the book's many powerful passages, there are faulty ideas about God which inspire confusion about who God is as a Trinity, and about who He is as the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mark Pertuit is the lead pastor of Pathway Vineyard Church in Woodbridge, Virginia. He is married with two children. Mark received an M.Th. (Master of Theology) from the University of Oxford, Oxford, UK.

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