Come Down, Lord! PDF

Author: Roger Ellsworth
Publisher: Banner of Truth, Release date: Sep 24, 2017


Come Down, Lord!

Come Down, Lord! is a succinct, readable and biblically-based treatment of the vital theme of revival. Its seven short chapters go directly to the heart of the matter, as their headings indicate:
- We miss You;
- We need You;
- We wait for You;
- We will meet You;
- We have wronged You;
- We belong to You;
- We beseech You.
Taking as his starting place the widespread absence of the sense of God's holy presence and our need of his grace, Roger Ellsworth traces the profound analysis of the church's spiritual decay outlined in Isaiah 63:3-64:12, and applies its message to our times.

We have heard for years that if we do not repent of our sins, God will send judgment upon us. We may think we are getting by with sin because things do not appear to be so bad. What most of us do not realize is God's judgment has already set in. Our apathy about spiritual things is God's judgment upon us.

While calculated to expose our spiritual need, Come Down, Lord! will also stimulate repentance, prayer and fresh faith in the promised mercy of God.

This revised edition contains questions for discussion at the end of each chapter.

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