Praises to God-For He Is Worthy PDF

Author: Ed Adams
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Release date: Jul 25, 2017


Praises to God-For He Is Worthy

God is deserving of our praise. But all too often, the chaos of our lives can cause us to focus on ourselves rather than on our heavenly father.

In Praises to God—For He Is Worthy, author Ed Adams offers a unique collection of over three hundred Bible-based praises to God. In 2010, Adams attended a Bible study where a pastor asked the group if anyone had praises to the Almighty. The room was silent.

Convicted by the experience, Adams made it his mission to seek and find at least five hundred tributes to the Creator and report back. At first, the list was easy. But as he struggled to find new ones, he began reading the Bible more, recalling points from sermons, and even pulling out a songbook.

What followed was a six-year journey that took him to a place of deep humility—and a closer relationship with the Lord.

For fans of Rick Warren and Max Lucado, this remarkable book is offered in the hopes that it will inspire you to pause and reflect on your life as you look for ways to praise God each day.