The Price of Freedom PDF

The Price of Freedom

A Son's Journey

Author: Dr Roger A Mitchell Jr
Publisher: Marshall Collins, Release date: Aug 21, 2017


The Price of Freedom: A Son's Journey

“The Price of Freedom is a powerful and timely masterpiece that illustrates the importance of mentoring beginning in the home, forgiveness being paramount to healing, and the internal and external transformation that takes place when a man commits to a life of service. Bravo!”

Stephen Powell, Executive Director, Mentoring USA

“I've known Dr. Mitchell since our freshman year at Howard University and I know that you will appreciate these strong words from a strong mind. The story within these pages is a memoir that is direct, honest, and genuine. While the takeaways from this book will vary from reader to reader, this story contains life lessons that should be shared with sons and daughters of all ages. Dr. Mitchell is an American success story and another testament to the quality of education and personal development that Historically Black Colleges and Universities produce.”

Thomas Joyner Jr., President and CEO, The Tom Joyner Foundation

The Price of Freedom: A Son’s Journey is a gripping memoir of the liberating power of forgiveness from a son to his cocaine-addicted father who abandoned him as a child. Dr. Roger Mitchell Jr. candidly demonstrates how hard work, dedication, and the pursuit of your passion, will ultimately allow you to accomplish your dreams. Dr. Mitchell has committed his life to the continued sacrifice of self through the service of others. He has come full-circle in discovering that the price of freedom is service. Everyone’s journey will be different. What will yours be?